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    Jul 15, 2012
    Of course Nadal and Djokovic have improved since the days they were youngsters. It's just tennis (and sports generally).
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    Dec 9, 2008
    it was current federer(13) vs younger djokovic (07) , not younger djokovic vs the djokovic of now.

    About nadal, current nadal who lost in 1R to steve darcis and in 2R to rosol at wimbledon is better than the nadal who reached 3 consecutive finals at wimbledon from 06-08 ? :lol:

    current nadal who struggled on clay in 13 vs quite a few players is better than nadal of 06-08 on clay, when he was dominant on clay except for the rare exceptions ? he isn't even better than 05 nadal on clay, let alone the nadal of 06-08 .

    I'm sure wilander improved after he was 24 , from 89 onwards , oh wait .... he didn't even make a single slam final after that

    I'm sure mac improved after he was 25, from 85 onwards, oh wait .... mac didn't even make a slam final after 85

    I'm sure becker improved after he was 25, oh wait .... becker only one won slam after that, in contrast to winning 5 slams before.
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