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Discussion in 'College Tennis Talk' started by Weedcutter, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Oct 14, 2007
    Hey everyone, Im a 17 year old on my way to senior year and I have started to look at colleges. I have not played alot of USTA though my best friend plays champs here in Oregon and does well, I am at his level. 6' 3.5" 175lbs etc. Im starting to look at colleges and I love tennis so much I would like to play in college. I have read every post here and am just seeing if any of you knowledgable people here could share any ideas even if they are random to help me, encourage whatever it may be. I am a 4.0 player, can jack my serve up to 110, but I normally serve 100-105 so i can maintain a 70% or so on my first serve. Thanks for your time.
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    Start playing USTA, get a ranking on tennisrecruiting.net, then compare yourself on tennisrecruiting.net to the recent recruits of colleges you are interested in to see if you are at their level.

    All that you hear from other people about what level you are is pretty much worthless. Refer to first paragraph above. Good luck.
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    Yes, you have to play more quality events. That is how you can find out where you stand.

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