Going to a Full Poly from a Poly/Syn Hybrid?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by TripleB, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. TripleB

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    I've been using Tour Bite 1.20 mains with Gosen OG Sheep Micro Super 1.25 crosses for a while now. I originally started using the Gosen crosses to soften up the string bed some and to lower my string cost a bit.

    I'm thinking of trying several other strings (Cyclone 18g, Luxilon 4g, and Dunlop Black Widow) and am wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages in going to a full poly set up instead of the hybrid I typically use?

    Thanks for any insight.


    String will probably be going in a Wilson Six-One 95S; I'm regulated to dubs for rest of my playing days, I'm probably a mid 4.0 now due to lack of mobility because of knee surgery, use heavy heavy spin (top and slice) and control and work 'around' my opponents in doubles
  2. The Meat

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    Aug 9, 2012
    Start off with a soft poly full bed and work from there. I used to hybrid syn/poly for a while but never really reaped the benefits of the poly. You get a more controlled feeling with full poly when you take a full swing imo.
  3. Hi I'm Ray

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    Feb 26, 2010
    Polys aren't all equal so it really depends on what full poly setup you use. Back when I compared FocusHex/Prince OG Syn vs FocusHex/Polystar Energy, I really didn't see any difference in control or spin, just that the full poly setup was harsher.

    I use TB in hybrids to give it better feel and comfort, but I get the most spin + control of any set up I've tried with TB/Iontec Hexa (salmon). Full TB is about the same but harsher feeling. Full RPM Blast also has comparable spin & is somewhat soft feeling but with a bit less control. Putting a very slick poly in the crosses does make a difference IMO - I tried plain Polylon Ice as a cross but it felt somehow sticky for a poly and all I got was a harsh stringbed without any added spin.

    I would say you can get some more control & spin with the right full poly set up but less comfort & feel compared to your current set up. Right now I am trying poly/multi hybrids and with the right multi, the difference in comfort/dampening & feel is very noticeable compared to my previous syn gut crosses, with no loss in spin and probably better control. Since I'm not in any serious kind of competition I'm going with the set up that is better for my arm.
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  4. AsianArnold1

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    Aug 9, 2012
    agreed. i just put pro's pro blackforce full bed @38 gives me very good control on a full swing. the lead at 10/2 also helps keep my strokes smooth and not jittery. the balls somehow dips at the last second and stays in.
    my previous setup of syn/poly had a better touch/feel, but more balls went out.
    i'll try this for a while and see if my arm holds.:-|
  5. joemanblues

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    Feb 13, 2007
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    the benefits are increased spin and control and no string movement at all, the cons are that the strings lose tension very fast, you get almost no feel at all, if you can afford to string frequently then choose a comfortable poly and you should be good, as it is a Hybrid with synthetic cross and poly mains seems to offer added feel even when the poly goes dead..however I would strongly recommend you try Ashaway Zyex Monogut, its by far the best cross string I have ever used, its very slippery it has tons of feel and very long tension maintenance, give it a try before you make the switch

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    The Meat can't be beat with that explanation. It has been my experience on more than one occasion. I would add this- Try Solinco Tour Bite Soft. The spin is amazing and it feels fine. Do not expect to execute good drop shots with full poly!

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