Gone to ......


Lately my FH has gone to pieces.
Used to hit some good topspin semi western grip and could flatten it out when I wanted.

Not always the most consistent especially as I have gotten older .

Lately though I cant seem to hit with any topspin even when I bend my legs and take my arm back and rip through the ball. It barely jumps up. I used to be breaking strings in 3 hours of hitting. Now 2 weeks.

WHen I am facing someone hitting powerfully and flat I seem to be hitting the ball out or framing it. Cannot seem to hit it back with topspin. The only thing there is I can maybe stand back . As I hog the baseline generally.

Can you please guide me as to how to go back to basics and what I should do to get back my FH.

IT has diminished my love and enjoyment whilst I play.

p.s. the only thing different I have been doing in the gym is where you sit down and push up with your knees and calves. Have developed considerable pain in my knees as a result which is impairing my bending ability but still....cant be the only thing to blame