Gonzalez's Pure control+ vs stock pure control+


i have a fernando gonzalez's racquet which i got it from him after him breaking his racquet at legg mason few years ago. I compared his and current stock one, i noticed the diffrence in the throat of the racquet it says 97sq in and one in stock says 98sq in but funny thing is in cm2 its same, 630 both of them, can any body explain this to me? I also noticed the differnce in recommend tension Gonzalez's printed 50-55 and stock one is 55-62.

Also tenniswarehouse advertise that he is using pure storm but pure storm doesnt make extended version, so is he using pj of pure control team + still? or has he really changed to pure strom his racquet centainly looks long on tv.


I also remember he had 3 layers of lead tape at 3 and 9 on each side and i was stupid enough to removed them and put it on mine to test it out, i really shouldve left it there then i couldve customized my own, also as far as i remember lead tape had all these different numbers writing on it like 39 29 or something like that . He was using some kind of wilson replacement grip i was surprised he wasnt using the leather grip like most of other pros do.


actually the earlier version of babolat pure control stated 97sq in headsize in the throat and the tension is also stated 50-55lbs. you can also see that in an old pure drive it is stated that the tension range is 50-55lbs

jackson vile

Hewittfan22 said:
so they acutally made the head size bigger in the newer version?

No this is just simply a way to tell older and new modles from one another, and yes they will have other differences ie flex weight ect

Is there any way I could ask you to measure the blance total weght and take some pictures.

You should post this in the pro equipment forum as more people can help you and it is important that you document what you have found for us, thank you