Gonzo, Ginepri out, Henman, Spadea tough it out


Well with Agassi's loss Spadea's draw just opened up. He has a real shot thru to the quarters but will have to beat 3 Frenchman to do it. Love the way Spadea just competes hard and wins. He had to withdraw in a recent match due to a leg injury so dont know if he's yet 100%...I recall he could play Henman in the quarters if they get thru.


Gonzo... Surprised, but his game isn't all that stable. Was nice seeing his run in Paris last year though. I'm not the biggest gonzo fan though.

Ginepri... not surprised.

Henman--was surprised he was down two sets love. He is surprisingly playing quite well on clay this year and I'm glad to see the noticeable leap in his game (his game and his confidence actually). He's looking good for Wimbledon this year, more than I would have admitted a year ago. I was expecting him to play fairly deep into Roland Garros this year.

Spadea--I haven't watched enough Spadea to say much. I hear he's got ability on clay, but I just can't picture him going that far anyhow. I guess I was surprised he had the guts to pull out that win today.



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Henman got a balls to the wall victory, down two sets to love and got himself into a third set tiebreak only to close it out from there on. It would be cool to see henman start beating guys whose names end in -o and -a.


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:lol: Alan. I think that will start happening with the guys whose names end in o and a start beating Henman at Wimbledon. :wink:


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Why post a message like this....we know. Anyone who is on the board obviously likes and follows tennis, so spare us that captain obvious cr@p