Good old style Nike with mesh nose, are they still exists


Hi all ,
I'm looking for any Nike shoes like on the photo, which is more traditional style with confrtable soft nose portion made of mesh or something else that looks like on the photo. Could not find any in big or online stores.
I don't want to change my sponsor contract in the middle, so ideally I'd like to get Nike.

Modern all have cage or molded piece , plastic or other hard one which looks like from space which I don't like. I'm not big runner now, so looking for just conftable shoes and don't want people think I don't know what to wear.
I accidently bought React Vapor NXT and throw them away, they are horrible for me.

Anybody knows if /where I can find those. I sow only fiew on e.. from the grand father closet for riduoulise prices . But none in any store.
Hey Nike, give us some !!!!! STop that plastic line !!!

Thansk much.

Pictured are : Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

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