Good option between a Head Speed MP and Yonex Vcore?


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Hi, little background- 3.5 female tennis addict...I have been playing with a Head Speed MP for past 3 yrs. and it has been a great overall racquet.

I recently hit a friends Yonex Vcore 100 and Wow the added power and topspin for my groundstrokes was a lot of fun BUT I had a lot of trouble "feeling" my volleys, I could hit them hard and deep but didn't have the same touch.

So my questions are:

Is there a racquet that I should try that has a softer feel at the net but the same top spin and power as Vcore?

Or should I just go with the Vcore and practice a ton of volleys and hopefully get used to the racquet?

thanks in advance!


I would first try a little bit of lead at 12' on the Speed for added power.
Then if you really like the Vcore and think you can adapt, just go with it. You'll never find something that's 100% across all aspects.


-w.clash.100, w.ultra.100
-h.extreme, h.boom.100 line of racquets as well
-there are several tweener racquets (100"head sizes) to choose from


Is there a racquet that I should try that has a softer feel at the net but the same top spin and power as Vcore?

perhaps the extreme mp, but it's not as whippy, little more neutral balance, should feel more plush though


Might have been just the stringjob that you liked with your friend‘s racquet. Talk with your stringer and try different strings and tensions before changing racquets. Strings and tensions can make a racquet play completely different.


I agree with @socallefty. You can do a lot with different strings and tensions. (It is a rabbit hole tho. :happydevil:) If you really like the manner in which your friend's racquet swings, demo it or offer to buy it from her. (kidding!).


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oh gosh, yea playing with the strings & tensions is definetly going down a big rabbit hole that I know nothing about, other than I should use multi for arm health...I am planning to demo the Vcore 100, Rafa's Aero 100, the Ezone 100 (to compare) and will also look at the Extreme MP, i think the Clash is too light feeling? thanks all for the suggestions, I may also end up just getting the new Speed Mp?? I should have never hit my buddies Vcore, lol!


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@3aces - Considering your planned demo's, if you have access to Dunlop, I would also give the SX 300 a look. It's like a cross between the VCore 100 and Pure Aero, incorporating a good majority of the Pure Aero's explosiveness with the nicer flex profile of the Yonex, and not much in the way of dampening tech, so you get more feedback and vibration to the handle (could be desirable, or not, depending on arm health and strings used).


What you could be experiencing is the difference between a racquet with 6 mains in the throat (VCore 100) vs 8 mains in the throat (Speed MP).

You do lose a bit of that touch at net with less mains on the throat unfortunately, but it is something that can be helped with good string selection and practice.