Good shoes for wide feet


Wide (but not insanely wide) in the forefoot With a low arch that are durable.

I've been wearing K-Swiss shoes from Sports Authority and they're great, but don't last.

I do real well with Asics running shoes, but their tennis offerings are small.

Have always hated Nike shoes, no matter what sport. Just don't fit my feet.

Craig Sheppard

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Try the K-Swiss Defier RS or Nike Air Resolve Plus. Both are quite durable. The former is a bit lighter than the latter. The Nikes fit very different from other Nike offerings like the Breathe Free's and Vapors. The Yonex SHT-304 is an awesome shoe for wide feet on hard courts, but it has a slightly higher arch than the aforementioned and doesn't have the best traction on clay. But the lightness and support are fantastic. The NB CT1002 are okay shoes, and in 2E have plenty of room (The D's may even have enough for you), but I found them very "clompy" and not as comfortable as I would have thought. Some people do like them though.

I have used all these shoes and for all-around play on all court surfaces, I'd rank them as such:

1. K-Swiss Defier RS
2. Yonex SHT-304
3. Nike Air Resolve Plus
4. NB CT1002


I have a 2E New BAlance wide foot, and would recomend Reebok UPset DMX or 3D Premiere Pro. If you read the reveiws on TW you'll notice both are acurately described as being wide in the forefoot. Both are discontinued and pretty cheap right now too.


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New Balance shoes come in different widths, so they're a great choice for people with very narrow or wide feet.


Thanks for all the responses guys. I went with the Adidas A3 Prevail, and they're great (plus on sale).

I appreciate the love for New Balance, but my main concern is width in the mid foot. NB can obviously provide this in its 2E size, but for me NBs are always too wide in the toes (I feel like their swimming around) when they are just right in the midfoot.

Thanks again.


Try Babolat All Court, a few days ago I've bought my 4th pair, they are quite durable and comfortable since you can tighten them all around your foot. I also have a bit wider feet but I had no problems with them.