Good Sportsmanship - post your favorite clip

Great idea Winners or Errors. Djokovic showed good sportsmanship there. See John McEnroe in this clip throwing a point to give one back to Borg who got a couple of iffy calls during in a big match indoors back at MSG at the Masters (YEC). Hear the crowd roar in approval. Good sportsmanship and a classic tennis moment. McEnroe is about as mad as Borg is over one call in see him talking to the linesman about the call before Borg protests. This is a huge outburst by Iceman standards.
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There's been loads of occasions where Federer has given away a point. Although admittedly in most of those cases he was already winning by a fair margin.


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Good sportsmanship goes much deeper than tennis. Players that show this trait also treats other people well outside of tennis as well. That is why this is so important.


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As it was my younger days, I can't recall which matches, but I remember Mac doing such (giving up points) on a few/several occasions.

Seemed like his "disdain" for refs/bad line calls, etc extended past his own side of the court on several occasions.

Kinda hard to overshadow the commonly accepted Mac persona, but he wasn't out to win by "cheating", to be sure.


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"Wilander surprised the tennis world at the 1982 French Open. As an unseeded player, he upset second seed Ivan Lendl in the fourth round, fifth seed Vitas Gerulaitis in the quarterfinals, fourth seed José Luis Clerc in the semifinals, and third seed Guillermo Vilas in the final 1–6, 7–6(6), 6–0, 6–4 in 4 hours and 42 minutes. At the end of the game he requested replay of the match ball as he didn't want to win the game due to a questionable referee decision. This was seen as an extraordinary display of fair play and garnered him the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy"

Anyone got a clip of that?