Good start to matches key for Andy


Hall of Fame
I think if Andy is going to beat the likes of Novak and win more slams it is absolutely imperative he gets off to a quick start and wins the first set. In both his slam wins he won the first set and in his last 8 matches against Novak he's lost the first set and gone on to lose those matches. When I see Andy lose the first set to Novak I just automatically know he's going to lose the match. It's like no matter how well he does like he did today taking it to a fifth Novak always seems to save himself for a final push in the final set. He really needs to work on those sluggish starts if he's going to have a hope of beating Novak at the moment, especially in the slams. Amazing effort from him today though but he's always giving himself an uphill battle. I just feel that the last 8 matches he's lost to Novak every time he's come out he's looked like he's just working his way into the match and hasn't really taken it to Novak until he really needs to when he's down.