Good string combos?

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I would like to ask you guys what your string combos are recommendations for a wilson ultra tour or head prestige. What are some good strings?

I tried out luxilon alu power/luxilon original and i really liked it, any other recommendations?

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With your trial of that Luxilon hybrid you're ahead of the pack of what's offered. If you're willing to compromise a bit on performance, you could save some money and get strings that last a lot longer too. A couple of options for full string beds are Kevlar/Zyex and Kevlar/smooth poly. You might even like them better depending on your preferences.
The Ultra Tour is a tight string bed. I find those work best with thinner gauge strings and hybrids of either shaped poly/smooth poly or gut/smooth poly.

So for the shaped poly, a lot of folks like the solinco lines of Hyper-G or Tour bite and a good smooth poly would be Proline II or Revolve. Use 18g if you are not a string breaker.

I'm sensitive to poly to I prefer the softeness of gut/soft poly. Gut mains with Cream or Proline II. I hear Ghostwire is a great cross string for comfort. If you are seeking more control over gut, a stiffer cross like Max Power or 4G might suit you better.
After trying both strings in a full bed, I am planning to try Tier 1 Black Knight 1.18 in the mains, and Yonex PTP 1.20 in the crosses. Black Knight is shaped and a bit stiff, awesome spin but the feel is a bit plasticky and jarring (some folks compare it to Cyclone). PTP is softer and feels a bit muted and dull, too much so in soft frames, in my experience. I'm hoping the combo will create great spin from the mains but have some compromise on the feel side.
Been playing a number of 1.25 polys in a 6.1 18x20 frame at 47lbs. Recently started playing max power/OGMS at 48. Better feel and easy on the arm. Better kick serve than Solinco Tourbite Soft full bed. Surprised me. That frame the 16x20?
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Been playing a number of 1.25 polys in a 18x20 frame at 47lbs. Recently started playing max power/OGMS at 48. Better feel and easy on the arm.
Not sure if you meant OP or myself, but I'll answer. I'm using the Prince 93p, a fairly dense 18x20.

That's interesting to hear you're going 1.25 poly. I strung a full bed with a 1.25 poly the other day (RS Lyon), and it is so different than the 1.20 gauge. There's just more string material crammed in there. The response off the stringbed was more predictable, less power for sure, easier to aim and control depth. But I feel like the stringbed was so dense with plastic, I couldn't get much bite on the ball. Additionally it added 1.5 grams of weight in the head, which changes SW slightly. The smaller 1.20 strings (I've just tried RS Lyon 1.20) play so differently. I feel they can grab into the ball better, and the sting bed has more pop. Unfortunately the playing characteristics of the 1.20 stringbed change quite a bit over time, from 0 hours to 2-3 hours there are big differences, the soft poly dents and string movement is reduced quickly. Fascinating how the string thickness can produce such changes. I like the properties of 1.20 poly, but perhaps the consistency and longevity of 1.25 is a better direction. I've heard someone say 1.20 soft poly is more like a multi or syngut, which I'm coming to believe.

I've tried poly/syn before (PTP / OGSM) in a different frame, and it was nice. Lower launch angle, but more pop/power. At the time the power was more than I needed, so I switched back to full poly. Good to know it's an option.
If you don’t like how thin poly holds up in the 93p and don’t want to restring constantly, you might want to look at a gut poly hybrid. 1.25 gut with 1.20 poly holds tension well in that racket.

I agree that thicker strings in general are too boardy in the 93p.