good traction + durability + cushion = my shoe???


the title says it all. i might need new shoes already. i have the bf2's and the area of the ball of my foot on both shoes is already smooth. yesterday, i slipped because i had no traction left. (i play in the Texas sun, hard courts) after only about 1-2 months, the big toe portion of my shoe is already completely smooth. no other parts of the shoe are like that.

i was wondering if anyone found a shoe with good traction + good durability + good cushioning. some may have said that the bf2 was exactly that, but it doesnt have the forefoot cushioning i was looking for or the durability.

i was thinking of the barricade 3's. i know that the durability on them is superb and i've worn a fresh pair, so i dont know how they feel when broken in. i know that they are quite heavy, but i wear boots casually so weight doesnt matter much. the question is traction. i've worn them in store on their floor, but not on courts. how long does the outsole near the ball of the foot last?

any comments would be appreciated.