Good unibody paddle delamination video


For anyone interested in new unibody (thermoformed) paddles, and current delamination issue, I thought this was a very good explanation.

Larry from KiwiLabs … looks like they have a new 20mm unibody t700 carbon paddle.

After listening to his explanation of the one piece unibody frame … sure seems it would be easier to fill after with foam rather than during honeycomb.

Also … I’ve heard others along with Larry speculate that the increased power happens because it compresses more into paddle on contact. I’m thinking it might be more because carbon face can trampoline more outward because it’s no longer glued down. It would be interesting to hit a ball with just the carbon unibody frame without any honeycomb core inside to see how much surface trampoline it has on it’s own.

One other relevant thing I read today. Most of the early ideas of fixing the delamination problem was more or different glue. Chris from Legacy posted they tried that and it failed (at least for those playing outside in cold with rock hard pickleballs. Claimed there was a different fix but did not elaborate.

New unibody/thermoformed companies/paddles:

- Legacy
- Vatic
- SixZero
- CRBN x (paddle new, not company)
- KiwiLabs … Slice