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    I've searched through Youtube and in the forum about how to properly hit and execute a Wicked Slice Serve - wide out slice on the duece; down the T and out wide on the ad side.

    All the topics on serving I've found talked about the Nasty Bomb Flat servers, the High Octance Kick Serves - but hardly anyone talked about the Wicked Slice Serves that is an effective 1-2 punched.

    If you watched the pro's, especially Federer and Novak. That's one of their best serving weapon side from their regular flat bombs.

    Can anyone share some good vids?
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    Sep 2, 2010
    1. 2012 Final Nadal 191kmh Slice Serve Ace

    2. AO 2012 Kvitova Slice Serve Ace

    3. Watch Frank Salazar Slice Serve Above Fuzzy Yellow Balls Episodes Blip

    4. Physics of the Tennis Kick Serve (Rod Cross article, slice serve)

    5. Jim's blog Toly Serena Slice Serve

    6. Agassi-Sampras Slice service winner by Sampras

    7. Vaidisova - Slice Serve
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    go to sign up. free.
    check out '1st serve' video. it's a slice. good vid. has all you need.
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    thanks man, I registered and it's indeed an awesome website, lots of good vids.

    but I have a major problem with their suggestion of the first step after split in "burst and glide". they say the first step should be a step toward the direction you want to go. say if you want to move to the right, then after split step, you should land on the left foot and your right foot should pivot and step out. this is totally against the idea that after split step, if you want to move to the right quickly, your right foot should tuck in a bit and the first step should be from your left foot, a crossover step. I find this idea from many sources such as Nick's vids, toptennistrainingnet and etc. I am curious why virtualtennis is against it?
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