Goran Ivanisevic? What has to be said about him?



I am getting a copy of his Wimby final match against Rafter (very excited!). I saw the match being called 'most inspiring match in open era'. What was the match like? Were you inspired indeed? Can you tell me about him? I am a new comer to the tennis world. What kind of player is he? Thanks for all the education!
It was a great match in that the crowd was really into it. Like a major Davis Cup match. I believe Goran set a record for aces in the tournament, and he rode his big serve to the title. Was I personally inspired? Heart-broken more like it---I'm a big Rafter fan.


One sided match?

Thanks, Irishbanger!

Generally I don't enjoy matches with too many aces...So Goran is a Big server? I've read Rafter is a nice guy with excellent sportmanship. I will post my feeling after watching it. Tenny.


another match!

Ah, I am also getting his (Rafter) victory over AA in 2000(?) Wimby Semi. So, it will balance...

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Here's an idea for you. Watch the match (it's like a soap, don't want to give away the plot) and then post back and tell what you think Goran's like. Having watched this match I think you will know pretty much what this guy and his tennis are all about. He also has an official site, goranivanisevic.com


I think that the more inspiring match was the semifinal match of that tournament where Goran came from two sets down to beat Henman. The crowd was really into that match. Poor Henman, but I was so happy for Goran. It was one of those matches where you did not know who to root for. Both of them wanted to win badly.


i think goran was a big chocker, with the great serve and an average overall game, i always enjoyed his matches because he was always entertaining on the court and extremely emotional. my favorite one was when he just gave the match away at the final of wimbeldon 92 against agassi.


@wright said:
Even if you dislike his brand of tennis, it was hard not to be happy for Goran...
Goran = Mark Phillipoussis with a better personality & ground game but poorer net game

I was rooting for Rafter all the way.

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My fave player of all time, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Most entertaining player, IMHO, since Nastase. Probably the hardest serve to read or get a rhythm on of all-time. Vastly underrated groundstroker and returner. Fantastic two-hand backhand return game and a solid forehand. Not the greatest volleyer but despite the big serve, Goran was not a S&V player. Got as high as #2 in the world. One of the greatest "head cases" in ATP history, no doubt. Goran definitely did not live up to his potential, though he was a solid player on all surfaces. Had the respect of all his peers. IMHO, he is that "genius" type of player that could make the best players look silly when he was on or make himself look totally Bush League when playing badly (see Henri Leconte). A racquet's worst nightmare.


Watching Goran play tennis is like experiencing 50 years of life in a condensed three hour time period. You will be hard pressed to find a match anywhere, anytime that will evoke all of your emotions like that 2001 Wimbledon Final between Rafter and Goran. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I jeered. It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.


I grew up with Goran! One thing about him; he is not crazy and he is such a good guy if you get to know him!You can just imagine what his family went trough to pay for hime to go on tournaments, get the best coaches and so on. He might look like a classic nut case but is a really good guy.
a truly inspiring match to say the least, Goran is one of the Safin/Kafelnikov breed, nice, but not afraid to speak their minds, i do not love his game but its hard not to like him as a person
That match surely was a classic one. Grat match and both Goran and Pat are the sensational players. In my opinion Goran was one of the best servers of all time. His serves were huge and very precise and his second serve was almost as good as first. His groundstrokes were a little weird but he pounded some good shots. He was a great personnality on the court like Marat is today. One of the best matches I saw.