Gosen Comfort 17, Pro Hurricane, ALU BB, RDS 001 mp

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    Jul 7, 2006
    RDS 001mp string advice

    Hey thanks for reading

    Short story:
    I use Yonex RDS 001mp - Gosen Comfort 17 60/58 because it's cheaper than pro hurricanes/ Luxilon BB but supposedly similar (according to proshop owner). Any other "cheap" suggestions? Notably, how are the other Gosen strings? OG sheep seems popular.

    Also, any advice on RDS 001 mp tension and/or string would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to experiment but I'm also a frugal so I'm unlikely to cut it out if it sucks, so make those suggestions good! Also, comfortable setups are a plus for me since the RDS is a bit stiffer than I'm used to.

    Current Gosen setup is okay except it feels little boardy. Nice pop and topspin. Good control. Durability unknown (most likely good) Comfort seems middle of the road, not harsh, but not exactly silky smooth.

    Future string Plans:
    OG sheep 17 and string at 60/58 and test. If good, adjust tension.
    Pro Hurricanes 17 string at 60/58 "" ""

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