Gosen Powermaster Line?


Non-Poly spin strings?

Okay, so I've been looking for an alternative to polys, but can't help but want strings that give me an advantage when it comes to spin. I've been trying to pick up a chip and charge/serve and volley game since I'm getting more fit and really started working on my game. My diablos have great control and lets me volley pretty exceptionally(relative to my usual horrible performance) against nice ball strikers.

Looking for spinny non poly strings to try that are within a decent price range and this is what I have so far:

Head RIP Control 17 String - $9.50
Dunlop Hexy Fiber 17 String - $6.95
Gamma Ruff String - $7.95

Though at the top of my list are still BHBR17 and BHB7. I know I won't get as much spin, but what I really want is more feel with the same playability. HOpefully with a decent amount of EASY spin. I know spin is 89% technique, but I need all the help I can get... for a decent price anyways lol.

I also took a look at the powermaster strings from gosen and it looks interesting. Has anyone tried these before? What did you think?

PowerMaster II -12.50

PowerMaster I - 12.50
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I've also been looking into thinner gauges for more playability. 17 is pretty great for me right now and I think I might even try 18.