Gosen Sheep Micro

Will Wilson

I'm trying this for the first time (17g). I've heard that it is on the stiffer side so I am wondering if people that have used find that they needed to string it a few pounds less than comparable setups due to the stiffness?

I usually play with a multi at 59lbs and am thinking of string this in the 56lb range. (set up is Pro Staff 6.1 16x18)

Any help is appreciated.

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56 is a good starting tension. It's not super stiff, just stiffer than some other syn guts. I string mine as a cross in a hybrid at 52#s.


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OGSM16 is on the firm side, the 17g is comparable to some of the livelier 16g strings.
I only use it fullbed in denser pattern racquets.
For more open patterns, I prefer Forten or Gamma 16.


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i use it as my cross @ 58. while i have any poly strung @ 55ibs. it softens the poly a bit. i didnt hit with it as full. but i recommend on a hybrid.