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Looking into the best Gosen strings for Yonex Ezone 98 Tour 2020. Looking for a soft polyester with good control and decent tension maintenance. I currently use Solinco Confidential at 50 lbs and have toyed around with a hybrid set-up with Solinco Vanquish (on crosses at 53 lbs). I liked it but not sure if I want to go the hybrid route for the long term.

Also is Gosen still in business/making tennis products? Some of their strings seem dirt cheap and to me that is usually an indication that they are going out of business/moving out of tennis.


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The options for Gosen strings are limited in US compared to U.K. or Europe. I have used Gosen Polylon and Polylon Comfort in both mains and crosses. Polylon is as basic as it gets, 1st gen poly with no additives or anything. Polylon comfort was more comfortable and held tension well. I have used head FXP and Gosen Sheep Micro in hybrids with the above Gosen Polys. It’s a very good value setup IMO. I don’t have experience with other Gosen Polys.


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I have heard good things about Gosen Sidewinder and Gosen OG Sheep Micro Synthetic Gut. That is definitely an option I would consider for a hybrid for preventive maintenance of my elbow. Problem is I am not a string breaker and I have a reel of 17' Solinco Confidential to burn through :)
I strung a stiff wilson burn 100 LS with a full bed of sidewinder and was impressed with softness and playability. Haven’t pursued it in my go-to frame, but seemed a good string.


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Been using OGSM 17 as my cross combined with Volkl Cyclone! I came from TNT 17, but since Gamma TNT has gone up in price, I switched to Gosen! Still easy on my arm!


Doubt Gosen is going out of business. Their strings are in the VALUE category because they are not greedy with their basic stuff. If you want to pay more, use the Gamma Multifibers.


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Sidewinder is top notch. Nice and soft (I have a sensitive elbow) but plenty of spin and control. I cross it with Ghostwire.