Grand Theft Tennis Team?


There's this woman on my 6.5 ladies combo team. She is a 3.5. She is an amazing player. She *destroys* people when she plays. I have never taken more than a one game off of her in three sets. She is also a pretty cool person -- we go to the same church, our kids are the same age. I consider her a good friend.

Today, I asked her how it went with her spring 3.5 team (she played 3.5 this spring but I couldn't join that team because of the Two Player Rule). She said she didn't like her 3.5 captain and planned not to play for that captain again. She said the captain put too much pressure on the players and sucked the fun out of it. She also said the captain was nice to her because she is a good player, but not so nice to others who aren't a Guaranteed Win. My friend said she has a bunch of offers to play on other teams (no surprise there).

My friend said she likes the way I run my 3.0 team and thinks I should ditch 3.0 in the spring and captain at 3.5. She says she'd join, and she thinks some players from that other 3.5 team would quit and follow her to my team. Heck, to further the recruiting my friend could be the captain in name, and I could be the co-captain who does all the work. I get a chill up my spine just imagining the harsh words this other captain would have for me if I were involved in the hijack of a big ol' chunk of her 3.5 team.

This, of course, would leave my 3.0 team high and dry, as some are ready for 3.5 level play, but many are not. The two-player rule would mean only two of my 3.0 teammates could play on this new 3.5 team.

When does it become smarmy and unethical to pull a stunt like this? What are my moral obligations to my 3.0 team? Part of the problem here is that my friend will only be in the U.S. for three more years before she moves back to her home country. Time is not our friend if we ever want to play on the same 3.5 team. . . .

Cindy -- thinking that anytime you are planning a coup, it's probably smarmy and unethical


Well can anybody else captain your 3.0 team and do a reasonable job at it? If you can find a suitable replacement I don't think it would be too much of a problem especially since you are moving to another level. OTOH If you were making a lateral move to another 3.0 team that would be not cool.

Teams come and go and nobody stays captain forever. The only time I would think it would be unethical is if you made promises to people that you were going to captain them for the next season and they are counting on you.


You can captain both a 3.0 and a 3.5 team...though I would recommend captaining one, and maybe just 'helping out' with the other. You can be a 'non-playing' captain as well, or I know for us, you don't even necessarily have to list the captain on Tennislink.
Am I the only one who finds irony in the statement... She is a 3.5. She is an amazing player.

Seriously, captain a 3.5 team and see how you do. If you have a sure win, you really only need to find 2 more to have a very good team.

good luck
Other captains dont "own" players, so you can't "steal" them. If the other captain is unfriendly, many of her players would rather leave anyway.

I have invited players from other teams to join me some years, and some have accepted and some have not. Likewise, other captains have tried to recruit some of the guys that have played with me - sometimes successfully, and sometimes not. Each committment is only a one-year situation.

I say go for it, if it appears to increase your enjoyment of tennis and your circle of friends.


Topaz, it's just yet another example of people dissing someone at a level lower than theirs. Yes, it's totally tired and annoying and immature.

She is 3.5. And she is amazing.

'Cause opponents can't figure out how to beat her, no matter with whom she partners. She always finds the open court. I just have to hope the computer doesn't move her to 4.0 before we have a chance to play 3.5 together.


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If you know a group of people who would like to start a new 3.5 team and thats where you want to play then go for it! You are talking about adults here- they can decide for themselves which team they would rather play for. All this stuff about 'stealing players' is absolute garbage. Its not like you have the option of joining her team- there is absolutely no moral quandry at all on this one. Its not like you are bribing the players or anything- her players know what life is like on her team and if they would prefer to go somewhere else then thats just how things work.