Graphene XT Rev Pro users


17 or 18 g poly strung 50 lbs or less ... otherwise its a flyswatter. i tried multifilaments and hybrids, tried head velocity which is a fairly dead multifilament. i lost a lot of control with anything but full poly.

the frame failed for me when up against bigger hitters who hit with a lot of action on the ball. you can hit some mean kick serves with it though bc its whippy and conducive to blazing RHS.


Saw this tread resurrected and got excited that someone was still toying with the Speed rev pro, but this looks like a prestige thread.


That’s only because it’s heavier
Yep, they’re still junky racquets, but this one is somewhat more usable than the PXTRevP. Extra thin tube walls and a weak throat - bad combination. Of course, none of these are in the same class as the Prince 93P.


That’s only because it’s heavier
That's what I'm thinking... the XT Rev Pro is lighter but more customizable than the new Touch Mid.
I don't foresee the Rev Pro needing so much lead tape to match the Touch Mid that would turn it into a cast iron pan.


You don't need to do anything to the Rev Pro except put a leather grip on it. IF you want something that really crushes the ball, add about 2.5 grams at 2 and 2.5g at 10 (5g total) and it becomes a 342SW monster for crushing the ball that's still 6-7pts HL. Mine are 330SW stock, and so I'm experimenting with if I want lead on the hoop. Plays very well with just the addition of the leather grip 11.65oz, 7 pts HL, 330SW. Strung with Cyclone 17 at 46.

That said, my Blade 98S racquets are way easier to play with and offer a ton more power, but they don't have the amount of feel and precision that the Rev Pro has.