Grateful for all things tennis this week! Growing the sport with Southern Charm on & off the courts: Ted Reese & Kelly Hesketh from the USTA Southern

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This week, we have all the gratitude for all things tennis and want to share stories from a section in the USTA who is not only working to grow our sport but also promoting tennis to people of all ages, levels and backgrounds!

The USTA Southern Section is doing some great things for the sport of tennis. With a section that spans across 9 southern states, in this episode you will hear it's no secret this section is loaded with Southern Charm! Ted Reese (Vice President USTA Southern; National USTA Committee Chair) and Kelly Hesketh (USTA Southern Section Tennis Service Rep) explain all the ways their teams are helping grow and promote tennis from creating leagues of players at all levels and ages who enjoy the physical, mental and social parts of the game to creating programs for first time players, like "Try Tennis." They have programs that help ensure local parks have courts that are kept up so anyone can play for free; they promote wheelchair tennis; they are keen on junior development; and there are some great players coming out of this section!

The USTA Southern Section has a goal to grow tennis and support the more than 140,000+ members in our nine states - Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina & Tennessee - that makes up nearly 27% of the USTA membership.

In this episode, you will quickly hear the passion and love for he sport shine through. We thought this might just be a good episode to check out during the week of Thanksgiving and give thanks to all the people in the tennis world shining bright lights on the growth of tennis!
Who are you thankful for this year in your tennis world?!

And lastly, we are grateful and thankful to you! Through a challenging year and more pandemic times, thank you for listening! We appreciate you and love connecting with you all through the podcast. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hitting!
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