Great tennis matches?


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Anyone seen the following matches:
1992 Davis Cup Final McEnroe/Sampras - Switzerland

2005 U.S. Open 2nd Round Federer-Santoro

2000 Australian Open Semifinal Agassi-Sampras

Are these matches of great quality, drama, competition?

any comments or insight would be great.


McEnroeisanartist said:
2005 U.S. Open 2nd Round Federer-Santoro
i was at this match, it was the first time I'd seen Federer play live.
Santoro played brilliantly, there were some very unusual shots, trick shots, tweeners, etc from the Frenchman. Lots of drama. Three close sets as I remember. In the post match on court interview Federer said: "he sizzled me up with his slices" which I thought was funny, something only Federer could get away with.