Great to see Djokovic back on court (Wawrinka too)



Donald Young is Djokovic's opponent, he's completely off today (He has a solid game when on) and Djokovic is treating this so far as a practice session. I don't think it'll be too long till we see Djokovic back in the top ten if his elbow issue is maintained.

Wawrinka's groundies are really solid, his movement seems sightly laboured and his serve has some MPH's off it, you can tell his knee pain is still there and he's said that prior to playing in Melbourne.

Just good to see them back as tennis needs some main eventers to fight the new breed, Tennis has wrestling like qualities. The main eventers bring the audience, they put over the new breed then the new breed become main eventers. I'll maintain this opinion by posting gifs of a great wrestler.


Raonic didn't look very good against his Slovakian opponent Lacko, he looked really gassed and dishevelled. It's possible by Wimbledon he won't even be seeded at this rate.


Practice? You have to sweat when you're practicing. After this match Djokovic can wear his tux and go to a wedding without taking a shower. A supermarket trolley would offer more difficulty.


Good to see both but Djokovic looks skinnier and Wawrinka gained some weight???
ND does not look healthy and Wawrinka does not look ready for this tournament...
Anyway they will win both matches though ^_^


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Wawrinka was in crutches for a while which might explain some extra pounds. But he doesn't look fat, in fact I can't really even see any weight gain. Milos on the other hand has obviously muffined up since coming back from his break.


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While it is good to see them both doing well, it shows the sorry state of the game that a 60th ranked player is not getting even 10 games over 3 sets over a player who didn’t touch a racket for 6 months