Greatest British women of Open era-Jones or Wade?

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Greatest British women tennis player of open era?

  1. Wade

  2. Jones

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    Aug 15, 2006
    Who do you consider the greatest British women player of the Open era, Virgina Wade or Ann Jones? Considering pre-open player eras like Kitty Godfree or Dorothy Douglas Chambers vs them I thought would be kind of hard so between these 2 who do you believe was the greater player?

    Ann Jones won 2 French Opens, and a Wimbledon title. She was mainly regarded as a clay courter, but was excellent on grass(there were not really significant hard court events then). She won her Wimbledon title by beating Margaret Court in the semis(Court won the other 3 slams that year) and Billie Jean King in the final(King was 3 time defending Champion). She reached 1 other final of Wimbledon, and 6 other semis. She lost in 2 U.S Open finals, and 3 other semis. At the French Open she was Champion 5 years apart-1961 and 1966, a losing finalist 3 other years, and a losing semifinalist another 3 years.

    Virgina Wade is most famous for her Wimbledon win in 1977 won on the Centenary and at the time of the Silver Jubilee, upseting long time nemisis Chris Evert in the semis, then beating sparatic power Dutch hitter Betty Stove in the final. She was in a very difficult era and and was always in the shadow of the greats like Evert, Navratilova, Court, King, Goolagong, while also being challenged by players like Casals, Morozova, Melville, Stove, Barker. In additon to her Wimbledon title she won the 1968 inaugural "truly Open" U.S Open beating Billie Jean King in the final. She also won the 1972 Australian Open beating Evonne Goolagong in the final. She lost in 2 other Wimbledon semis, 1 other U.S Open semi.

    Both have 3 Grand Slam titles, Wade at 3 different slam events, although all on grass then. Jones 2 French Opens on clay and a Wimbledon title on grass.
    Jones reached many more finals or semis of slams, but Wade faced an even deeper pool of top notch Champions. So who was greater?

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