Greatest lefty/lefty doubles teams?


Woodforde and Mac won a major together
1989 US Open.

Orantes and Vilas played together for a while, I think. Not that Vilas was ever much of a doubles player.

IIRC Goran Ivanisevic had a propensity to choose fellow lefties as his doubles partners. He made deep runs at Roland Garros with both Petr Korda and Jeff Tarango.
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Woodforde and Mac won a major together
With Navratilova, Woodforde also won the Grand Slam title, in 1993 Wimbledon. At the 1993 US Open, pair Navratilova / Woodforde advanced to the final.
Navratilova also won Grand Slam titles with left-handed partners at 1974 French Open (with Ivan Molina) and 2006 US Open (with Bob Bryan).