Greatest performance and Greatest match at each Grand Slam?


Hall of Fame
Performance Sampras v Agassi 1999 final
Match Sampras v rafter 2000 final

U.S. Open
Performance Sampras v Agassi 2002 final
Match Sampras v Agassi 2001 quarter final

Australian Open
Performance Agassi v Sampras 2000 semi final
Match Djokovic v Nadal 2012 final

French open
Performance Borg v Lendl 1981
Match federer v Djokovic 2011 semi

I would say the U.S. open has had the most exciting matches over the years. McEnroe v Connors 1980 and and in 1984. McEnroe v Borg 1980 was great too. The Connors games from 1991 were all great.
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My USO favorite for the greatest performance is Edberg's destruction of Courier in the 1991 final, 6:2 6:4 6:0.
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I think this is a tie for the greatest match; Djokovic v Nadal 2012 certainly has to be a contender, AO 2005 SF between Safin and Federer is also a contender, and Roddick v El Aynaoui has to be there too. For a single performance I would pick Federer v Roddick AO 2007; Roddick wasn't at his best & didn't play well, almost suicide bombing to the net and was reckless throughout, but even in that period of the passive Roddick, not many people, if any, steamrolled Roddick. Even Nadal and Djokovic weren't steamrolling Roddick on hard courts.

*I would have included Federer v Nadal 2009, which was great, but I can't forget that final set where Federer pretty much gave up. His serve was also not very good that day either.


Single greatest performance is obviously FO 08 final. I would also give to honourable mentions to Kuerten at FO 04 against Federer; Kuerten was playing on a busted hip and was past it, but still managed to straight set Federer comfortable in that match. My second honourable mention is Soderling's classic win; I don't think Nadal was injured but the reason I can't put this above Kuerten's victory or Nadal's final in 08 is because the FO in 09 clearly favoured big hitters; The court was playing faster than Wimbledon! As for the best match, I liked the FO 2005 semifinal. Shame it didn't go to five sets.


The single greatest performance was Krajicek against Sampras at W96. Nuff said. I would give an honourable mention to Sampras v Agassi 1999, but I can't put this above Krajicek's performance. I still maintain the opinion that this was single handedly the most impressive display from a single person in tennis. Krajicek basically did what Soderling did; Beat the unstoppable force. Krajicek did it in straights and went on to win the tournament. As for the greatest match, I enjoyed Sampras v Rafter, Federer v Nadal 2007 and the 08 final. 09 was also very enjoyable; It was pretty much the last serve dominant slam final I've seen, and in a time when big serving was dead in slam finals; All of these matches were iconic.


The best single performance was probably Safin's display over Sampras. He basically laughed at Sampras' serve that day. Sampras served at 75% in the first set, and still posted high %'s during the match. As for the best contest, the Sampras v Agassi four tiebreak sets was very good, JMDP v Federer was good, and I enjoyed Blake v Federer 06 and the five set matches between Federer and Djokovic.