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  1. Is it usually different from one's normal forehand/backhand grip? I use a semi-western/eastern (FH and BH, respectively) grip but on the return, because of the pace of the ball, I feel more comfortable with simply 'blocking' the ball and for that I prefer a continental grip. Is this recommended? Or is this a bad habit?
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    Well, to return well-paced serve it is a good idea to "volley" or block the ball back with continental as you are doing, but then how about second service return? You do not want to "block" every ball back (you should not block your chances of winning the point).

    -- In the Deuce Court: If you have a good forehand and prefer your forehand over your backhand, wait with your regular forehand grip. As the toss goes up shuffle your feet to create an illusion and then cheat more to your left to cover the return with your forehand. In case the serve is hit up the T to your backhand (no chance to run it around), then you can block it back with your backhand.

    -- In the ad court: Judge the tendencies of the server. If he is good in directing most of his serves to your backhand, wait with your regular backhand grip but make sure that you cut on your backswing and add on to your contact-follow-through.

    Practice your return of serve more and you will become proficient in changing and/or modifying return grips. The key is watching the toss as it goes up, just an instant before he strikes the ball, you take a split step enabling you to (modify the grip) move either direction to return.
  3. chipping low with a continental is a good technique
  4. Thanks, guys!

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