Grip on service return


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Normally one needs to turn the racket slightly when switching between forhand to backhand. My question is when receiving a serve, when you don't have a lot of time to prepare, which grip should you hold and wait for the serve to come, do you have enough time to "switch" between forhand and backhand?


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Against a fast serve or one that is hard to read, use a conti grip and underspin the ball back.


As LeeD says, on difficult serve; use conti and block with a small follow thru.

If you are try to hit a flatter or drive return, I wait with FH grip and switch to 2 HBH grip. I use E/SW grip on FH and 2 HBH with conti on bottom hand and E on top hand. You have time to switch if you learn to make the switch as part of the shoulder turn. Shoulders turn a bit a soon as you recognize serve is going to BH side. As shoulders turn, you switch to either 1 HBH or 2 HBH grip. You can practice this switch at home in your den but your wife will probably make comments about how silly you look. You should be able to make the switch so fast that it does not slow you down at all with a bit of practice.