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  1. RoddickistheMan

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    Jul 23, 2007
    Okay so right now I am playing with a ps 6.0 85 with a 4 and 1/4 grip with an overgrip I measured the grip myself and it equals 4 and 3/8s exactly. This grip seemed fine due to me not having any pain really when using it. I am thinking of switching to babolats but am a little bit worried about the myth about babolat grips being slightly bigger. SHould I buy a 4 and 1/4 put an overgrip on it and hope its the same or should I get the 4 and 1/8 and put the overgrip on that. Also was thinking of getting a pure storm either the new or old one and wondering would the stiffness be the same as a ps 6.0 85 taiwan.
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    Jun 10, 2006
    Yes Babolat grips do run bigger and its not a myth... Read my review here on Babolat grips being bigger in grip size.

    The problem also does not hold true for only Babolat. I had the same issues with my Wilson K Six One 95. Not only did I have problems with the grip size but weight balance issues as well. Se my review on my Wilson K Six One 95 weight and grip problems here:

    If i were you, I would go through the entire stock at the store and pick one you're fully satisfied with. If you think that it feels bigger... Go to another store. Don't end up with something you cannot use or feel uncomfortable to use. Hope this helps.

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