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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by PurePrestige, Mar 27, 2005.

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    Oct 13, 2004
    I was recently told that I should move my grip to be less western than it already is, which is full western.
    --Not wanting to start any arguments related to the advice or advice giver here--

    But I started researching grips, I have my tennis magazine which in a recent issue has a whole section on the grips. I was going thru the grips and trying them out recently...dont understand how I can possibly hit a forehand eastern anywhere other than right in my strike zone heh.

    Though, my friend and I were comparing grips, my regular grip that i was considering correcting and his semi-western grip. I found that every time I place my hand in the semi western position I cannot distinguish between it, and my normal grip.
    Is there someway that a semi-western grip takes on more western properties? I seem to hold my semi western grip, but produce a stroke that looks very western. I only noted that by trying to mess with my grips, I ended up finding a way to hit the ball very very solid and very controlled, power, etc. it feels like i am really making that clean contact with the ball and I think I should just grip it till I can lock into that way of hitting the ball.
    I was just wondering, what is up with grips, but unfortunately i do not have a digital camera so I cannot post it up here to get help :-/.
    Basically i'm asking, how do I find this semi-western or proper eastern grip so i can hit the ball that way as well? All i'm searching for is to hit the ball and have it make that nice clean loud POP sound, like the pros do so often. That's all i'm after.

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