Grips vs Over Grips?

Overgrips or Replacement Grips?

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So I recently demoed a blacked out Wilson racket from 2012 and really fell for the Wilson Pro Hybrid replacement grip on that racket. For most of my tennis career I thought that people who weren't satisfied with their grips used overgrips, but recently I've been thinking that all I really have to do is replace the dam original grip. I currently have the Prince ResiPro as stock on my Rebels and hate them. So I am going to replace them with some Wilson grips.

People use overgrips to either coverup a completely used grip or 'save' their original grip. Why? That's like having tires for your car that you love the feel of and they give you the best performance, but you use some old crappy ones to save the ones you like. Why have it and not use it. Especially when it's something inexpensive as a 5-12$ replacement grip.

I used to think it was alwas better to use overgrips but its more expensive for me, since i kill overgrips (tournagrips) with 3-5 outings.

Debate please.


Overgrips make the grip bigger. Puts on abit of weight, gets less sticky due to sweat (leathergrips). People like the feel of the overgrip. Better moisture absorption.

mainly people use overgrips over leather because once when i hit with leather and no overgrip it felt like glue on the grip after a while.


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This is an odd topic. I generally use overgrips, but my one stick with a leather handle I just use the leather, and take care of it with occsional mink oil/saddle soap if I've sweated it up a bit.

I have a racquet that was originally a 4 1/4 - way too small for me, but I've built it up closer to 4 1/2 using some over grip.

The most recent racquet I got was a 4 3/8 - pretty close for me and had a wilson Perf Grip (or something like that)...and I liked it, enough that it's pretty worn, so I just put a tourna over grip over it. I can still feel much of the shape of the grip, but it's got some meat to it. Adds a few grams of weight, getting it closer in spec to the 2nd stick I mentioned...and get's it closer to the 4 1/2 that seems to be my preferred grip size...

I guess I can go either way with this. :-?


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I have found an overgrip I like the feel of so for me its just a case of being economical.

The normal grip is fine, but having found a nice overgrip its easier to stick with that and just replace it after a few matches. That way, I get the right feel on my grip, without wearing out the normal grip as my base layer on the handle.


While I used to love using just the replacement grip, with all this humidity and sweat, the grip loses its "perfect feel" after about a week or two. This would result in using messy grip enhancers just to hold the racquet.

Found an overgrip that actually feels like the original grip, so problem solved.


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I find overgrips can be replaced more often to preserve the same feel for a longer time with less money.,
Leather grips are great, but you gotta sorta use them until they're dead, and duriing the fading times, they don't work so well.


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If I didn't use an overgrip, I would have to spend more money replacing the grips when they lose tack. If you don't need a lot of tack then you might not need an overgrip.

Also, overgrips such as Tournagrip absorb sweat.


Who uses overgrips to "save" their original grips? You can replace an original grip for like five bucks in less than 5 minutes. I use them for feel and absorption.


Who uses overgrips to "save" their original grips? You can replace an original grip for like five bucks in less than 5 minutes. I use them for feel and absorption.
Tack is something i despise. I don't even consider it an option anymore. It feels like someone wrapped it in tape with the adhesive facing outwards. I prefer something that feels like cloth. Which is why I generally use Tourna Grip. I usually don't like getting replacement grips, but to be honest I go through Tournas faster than I go through replacements. It's just more viable for me.. But if someone gets me a TG reel i'll be a happy camper either way.