Grommet weight question


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My normal racquet is the 2016 babolat pure aero but I have a pure aero lite that I want to add some weight to to bring it up to the normal pure aero spec. Unfortunately the grommets on the racquet are pretty beat up so I want to order a new set to replace them. I don't really like the look of the white grommets in the pure aero lite so I was thinking of just getting the normal pure aero grommets instead. I was wondering if there would be any issues with the normal grommets not fitting in the lite frame or if their is any weight difference between the normal and the lite versions.


Grommets are mass produced via an injection mode process. That means there will always be a variance in mass, finish and fit. All it takes is a single variable like ambient temperature or source of the ABS plastic. That said expect up to ±1 gram of mass difference for 3σ. IIRC, the LITE and regular Pure Aero share the same drill pattern. Just make sure that when you replace, you match up the sides since the Pure Aeros are asymmetric as far as stringing them. If you reverse the sides, you will mess up the markings on the frame vs what is installed. So match the pieces as you pull them off.