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  1. Sam Groo

    Sam Groo Guest

    does anybody know what the part of the grommit in the throat of the racket is called

    is it part of the grommet or not?
  2. snoflewis

    snoflewis Guest

    what does this have anything to do w/ pro's racquets and gear?

    i think you answered your own question...that's like asking, is the bread on the bottom of the hamburger part of the hamburger? it comes w/ a grommet set and i've seen it called a throat piece most often.
  3. Sam Groo

    Sam Groo Guest

    no, i don't know what it is called, i was just guessing it was part of the grommet, but now sure.

    My question now is why on Pete sampras' throat piece of his racket have three raise parts to it, as opposed to the standward one? [​IMG] [br][​IMG]

    I also saw this with federer's racket a while ago, i don't believe think they are there anymore, but i could be wrong
  4. MTChong

    MTChong Professional

    Jun 21, 2005
    Are you kidding? The things at 3 and 9 are Wilsons PWS or Perimeter Weighting System that is meant to give the racquet added stability.
  5. migjam

    migjam Professional

    Feb 19, 2004
    Pacific Northwest
    Those raised areas that you see are Power Pads (pieces of leather). Basically they help round out the sharp angles and helps keep the gut from breaking prematurely.
  6. snoflewis

    snoflewis Guest

    why do you ask the same question in two different threads?

    and secondly, you asked if the grommet in the throat is part of the grommets in general...well is the throat piece not a grommet? in all honesty, you're the one that's looking like the dumbass...
  7. MTChong

    MTChong Professional

    Jun 21, 2005
    Well snoflewis, it looks like that's what is happening all over the boards.
  8. snoflewis

    snoflewis Guest it just me, or is everybody posting in the wrong section today?
  9. tnig469

    tnig469 Semi-Pro

    Nov 19, 2005
    I love fried chicken........o sorry guys...wrong section...i thought i was in the i love fried chicken section...sorry :)

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