grommets for hyper pro staff 5.0 95?

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  1. militaryman2477

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    Nov 18, 2010
    does anyone know where I can get a few sets of grommets and bumper guards for a Wilson hyper pro staff 5.0 95? I have four of these and would hate to get rid of them, but I'm down to the frame on a couple of them. Does anyone have ideas?
  2. esgee48

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    May 30, 2010
    SF CA
    You have really outdated frames for which retailers will not have grommet sets. You have some alternatives which you can explore.

    1. See if any of the other Wilson 95 grommet sets fit e.g. PS 95 or 6.1 95 (order a set and see or check with a local pro shop)
    2. Try looking at the auction site
    3. Try t e n n i s m e n a c e
    4. Replace with Fitex single grommets (buy the packs)

    You can also apply epoxy to the bare graphite to protect the frame. Sand the epoxy after it dries.

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