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    Haha, hey again. I'm a pretty short guy, and my parents are short. Most of my family are short, other than like 2 uncles. I'm 15 years old, and I'm probably like in the top 10 list of shortest guys in my grade. I haven't grown at all since last December, in fact. Well, I'm kind of considering getting some of those growth enhancement pills. I was wondering if any of you had an experience with those. Are they legit? Do they have any risks? How expensive can they get? Any cheaper alternatives? And any suggestions?



    My sister has Turner Syndrome which stunts her growth and she has to take a shot up her butt every day for a year. So ruling out the possibility of that, you may be genetically doomed. Or you may not be getting enough calcium. But if you think you're too short, talk to a doctor.
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    Have you talked to a doctor about hGH, human Growth Hormone yet? You should find out if you suffer from a growth hormone deficiency or if you would benefit from growth hormone treatment.

    Which growth supplements are you referring to? There are some over the counter products that may or may not provide some benefit. Even if they do provide some growth benefits, it is doubtful that it would be as effective as a prescribed hGH treatment from a doctor. On the other hand, many of them may have less side effects than those GH shots.

    I would be highly suspicious of any product that does not list its ingredients in some detail. There are probably quite a few products that make a lot of promises but never say exactly what they contain. Instead that will often use a lot of testimonials and/or pseudo-science.

    Bodybuilders often use some products to stimulate muscle growth by promoting the release of the body's own GH (growth hormone). These are usually known as GH releasers, GH enhancers, or GH stimulators. The often use L-Arginine along with other amino acids and possibly other ingredients. Athletes sometimes may also use Nitric Oxide supplements or IGF-1.

    I do not really know if any of these products would be significantly effective for height development. CAVEAT: While some of these products might be safe for someone in their teens, some products may not. Best to consult with a medical professional.

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    How tall are you now?

    If you are considering something sold without a doctor's prescription, don't bother. Those supplements will lighten your wallet and may harm you.


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