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Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by monkeyisland90, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Ok, so when i play with my tennis buddies i play like im really good and think i'm like some superstar mentality (nadal for instance).. of course im nothing close to it but having that fantasy really helps my game as it makes feel all cool inside.. anyhow, when i play indoor league matches or tournaments and people watch you and u play someone you never have.... i tend to play sort of like "nice guy respectable " tennis and i end up not doing to well... i play like this so people don't think im some arrogant me cocky person (which im not but seeing myself in tape i sure do!) and think im full of myself etc... My question to you guys is: What you think if i played with fist pumps, grunts, come ons, and full racquet head speed... and look like im arrogant .. in a usta match which isn't the pros? thats how i play and i know people will say just play your own style but i get so self conscious about what people think.. ...
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    Generally, if you get self-conscious about how you act, then that's really not who you are. It seems the "act" helps you get to a good place with your playing though - kinda like method acting.

    I'd try and find a happy medium. It's OK to really get into the sport - that's the joy of competing. Over-the-top grunts, fist pumping, and come-ons are probably a little obnoxious, but an occasional grunt to emphasize a hard shot is OK... and try just smiling after a good point instead of a fist pump. Feels good too. Also, throw a "good shot" to your opponent once in a while. It disarms them and you'll get away with being a little obnoxious.

    An admission... sometimes I'll commentate in my head. Helps me get that feeling your talking about, gets me pumped, and keeps the demons out.

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