Guess at which age each of The Big 3 retire.

At Which Age Do Each of The Big 3 Retire?

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I'm guessing Fed 39, Nadal 39+ and Djokovic 34-37.

I think Fed will be play out all of next year and consider calling it quits at the US Open 2019. Ideally he would pull a Sampras and call it a career going out on top but I have a hard time imagining him being interested in playing beyond that and missing the best years of his children's life. He may play til 40 just to prove it can be done but if he has a tough year next year, what's the point?

Nadal will chase the slams record as long as he can stay healthy. If his body holds up then I could definitely see him going 7+ years and just going heads up against Djokovic until he reaches 40. Even if hes not winning or isn't able to catch the Slam Record, Nadal seems like the kind competitor who'd be content just padding his stats just to prove he's more of a warrior than anyone else.

Djokovic will remain competitive for a while but will likely lose his fire again and hang it up in the next 5 years. If Nadal retires early I don't see Djokovic sticking with the game long after. I think The Big 3 motivate him and he's actually likely to retire before Nadal if anything the second he runs into injury, younger adversity or just flat out loses interest.


That presents an interesting scenario: who'll retire first? :)

I can envision it playing it out such that each are hanging on for the sake of "bragging rights." :D

"Oh, my knee!! My MCL is shredded, you dog. Why won't you quit?!"

"You first, cuz! Cripes, I think my elbow just fell off."
There's a possibility that Nadal continues playing way after his expiration date just to make sure that he retires later.

But not Nole, his heart isn't in it.


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In all realness though, I think:
Federer retires in 2020 at age 39. He's probably gonna retire after Basel 2020 as he seems to want to give the Olympics another go
Nadal retires in 2022 at age 36. He might choose to retire following either the 2022 RG or the 2022 USO
Djokovic retires in 2023 at age 36. I think he retires at the very end of 2023. So after the Paris Masters if he can't qualify for the WTF

I feel like these are all reasonable retirement dates, but how long they'll still be contending for, that's a totally different ballpark

With that said, I hope none of them retire anytime soon cuz tennis needs them more than ever right now and it just wouldn't be the same without any of these three on tour
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I can see Fed making appearances at like Wimbledon or Halle in his early 40's as a WC. The other two I'm not sure. Nadal has Jordan levels of competitiveness in him and he'll play as long as his body lets him. With Djokovic he'll play as long as the desire is there. I think he has it back now but who knows how long it will last.

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Federer recently stated that he wanted his sons to remember him playing. So 39-40 sounds close. Djokovic and Nadal 35-36.

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35 for Rafa. I hope he doesn't go on after 35 unless he marries Maria Xisca. She is too good to keep her waiting for too long.


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I can't imagine Nadal and Djokovic still being active players when they are 36.

Federer is the odd ball here I will say 40.


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Federer loves to play tennis, and he has full support of his big family, so till 50 or thereabouts, unless he suffers a career ending injury. Let's say 2031-2033. Can't see him playing much longer, unless he wants to compete against his sons. ;)

Rafa's wheels and girlfriend won't let him play much longer. He wants a family and she isn't getting younger.

Novak will probably tire of the sport by the time he is 36 if not sooner mostly because of family, business, and maybe political aspirations.

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There's a possibility that Nadal continues playing way after his expiration date just to make sure that he retires later.

But not Nole, his heart isn't in it.
Djokovic actually reminds me of Sampras a lot, even in terms of that attitude.


Fed 2020
Djoko 2020
Nadal the year after he surpassed federer on slam counts, if federer is not playing anymore


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Both Federer's and Nadal's retirement ages are dependent on the Slam record. I'm of the opinion that Federer would have retired a few years ago had no one been close to his Slam record. Nadal's hunt has made Federer both play longer and reinvent himself. Ironically, the case is the same for Nadal. How many actually imagined Nadal playing anywhere close to the top at 32 or even playing at all? Not many. Obviously he feels he still has a chance to catch Federer and I believe he will keep trying until he is not longer able to. When (maybe I should say 'if') the time comes that Nadal feels he's no longer one of the favorites at RG, he might give up if the distance is still around 3 Slams. Until then, I don't believe he will retire unless he gets an injury.

I also see Djokovic playing for many more years, but I don't think his retirement will have anything to do with Federer and Nadal, unless he gets very close to the one leading the Slam race in a few years.

Murray? Will not retire officially anytime soon, but he will never really come back. Kind of like Söderling I feel.


A lot of recency bias with Federer here. Sampras retired at 31. So did Boris Becker. Roddick at 30. Agassi played until the old age of 36. Hewitt at 35 (still plays doubles). Federer is, at 36, the oldest player in the top 100.

But sure, all of the big 3 will play until 38.


Fed is not retiring, as long as Rafa is playing.

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Keep dreaming. Rafa will not retire before or at the same time than Fed. He is 5 years younger. So Fed will have to retire before Nadal.


Keep dreaming. Rafa will not retire before or at the same time than Fed. He is 5 years younger. So Fed will have to retire before Nadal.
Boils down to pretty much the same thing...

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