Guga returns to Davis Cup

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    Aug 2, 2004
    Gustavo Kuerten is playing for the Brazilian team again in the Davis Cup, between July 15 and 17, against the Netherlands Antilles, at Joinville.

    After almost two years without his presence, first due to the boycott that he leadered against the older administration of the entity, that was followed by all the team, resulting into a new election of a new directory in command and second due to his hip surgery. Now Guga will make part of the team, along with Ricardo Mello, Flavio Saretta, Andre Sa and the captain Fernando Meligeni, that made the official annoucement of the team this friday, at Sao Paulo. *

    With a overall record of 29 victories and 14 defeats in the competition between the most important nations in the calendar of the world tennis, Guga is preparing himself at Santa Catarina, with the coach Hernan Gumy and the physical preparator Fernando Cao, to face the Netherlands Antilles.

    From there, he sent a message that was read by the captain, in the moment of the annoucement of the team:

    "I am very happy to be back playing in the Davis Cup and excited to be capable of representing Brazil again, that was always one of the big motivations of my career

    Guga's hip is great and he is fine to start the stage of preparation for the 2nd semester, keeping the strenght work and muscular resistance," explained the doctor, that is following the tennis player since the stage before his 2nd surgery in the right hip.

    From the interiews and press release, it is evident that Kuerten believes he can still find the form that made him the world no 1. Guga expect to mount a serious challenge during the American hard court swing and is looking forward to next year to play his best tennis. Guga was unable to play pain free last year, and as a result was only able to show glimpses of his best form. He was not happy with his conditioning (which would allow him to be a 20-30 in the ranking at best). Hence he opted for a second surgery which soo far has been succesful, with Guga showing good signs for 100% recovery.
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    Feb 18, 2004
    Best of luck to him! If he can get back to top form, that would be wonderful for all of us.

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