Gut help.....with Baboat Pure Storm and ARM TROUBLE

Discussion in 'Strings' started by brokendc10, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. brokendc10

    brokendc10 New User

    Jun 21, 2011
    Need some help from the experts:

    I just got back from taking six months off because of tennis elbow.

    I was strictly a poly string user and when I switched from the Pure Storm to the Aero Pro (stiffer and lighter), my arm was fried after three weeks.

    Took the time off and feel better. Now I'm back to the Storm, and am toying with the gut option.

    My big question is what tension to use. I know that most people string gut on the higher end, but I want to be nice to my arm. Can I expect good performance stringing a full bed of NG at 54 pounds on this frame?

    I was playing at close to 4.5 level and want to get back there!

    Thanks much!

    - Mark
  2. Relinquis

    Relinquis Hall of Fame

    Dec 12, 2012
    On the courts; hard & clay ...
    I would string lower than I think I should as was just coming off of a long absence and injury...

    you can always go higher on the next string job, no?
  3. Nickac

    Nickac New User

    Jul 18, 2012
    Huntington Beach
    I have a pure storm with vs at 56. It plays great
  4. McLovin

    McLovin Hall of Fame

    Jun 2, 2007
    Honestly, you'd have to go in the upper 60s or higher to experience any kind of arm problems using natural gut. If you still have pain using a full bed of gut anywhere in the mid 60s & below, then you need to either look at a different frame, or have someone (i.e. a teaching pro) take a good look at your strokes.
  5. TimothyO

    TimothyO Hall of Fame

    Oct 5, 2010
    In the past my go-to string setup was VS Touch / 4G 125 at 55/51.

    Recently I switched to VS Tonic+ Longevity / 4G 125 at 57/52. I find that the new setup gives me a lot more control (stiffer, thicker guts mains at slightly higher tension) with just as much comfort and a little more spin.

    This is for modded Pure Storm GTs. If using stock Pure Storms with a lower SW (two of mine came in around stock SW of 317 and 319) I'd drop the tension closer to 54/50 at most. I've found that as SW and mass increase I prefer a slightly stiffer string bed to control the higher power. At lower SW and mass a softer string bed feels more comfortable to me.
  6. brokendc10

    brokendc10 New User

    Jun 21, 2011
    Thanks for the info.

    Yesterday I strung up vs 17 in mains at 54 and forten sweet 17 in crosses. Hopefully it won't be too soft - looking out for the elbow.
  7. anubis

    anubis Hall of Fame

    Mar 2, 2012
    You're using a relatively soft racquet with the absolute softest strings you can find. If that combination still aggravates your TE, then you should not come back to tennis for a while. It doesn't get softer than that, unless you go with a Prince EXO3 with a stiffness of 57.

    Be that as it may, i don't recommend forten sweet in the crosses. That will stiffen the string bed considerably. Forten Sweet is just as stiff as the softest co-polys on the market -- which is to say, its a VERY stiff syn gut.

    you're better off with full gut in order to have the softest possible string bed. If, for $$$ reasons you still wish to cross it some how, you could choose a soft multi, such as Dunlop DNA, Babolat Xcel Comfort, something like that.

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