Guys only: best legs and other best female issues


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Sorry, not really the familiar with the backside of Puig. Not seen any of her matches. Have always been partial the derrière of Anna K, Arantxa Rus and Jelena Dokic.

Jelena Dokic in her heyday

Also a fan of the yoga pants (below). Not certain if this is Maria Sharapova or Viktoriya Kutuzova. The YY racket leads me to believe it is the latter.

Mmmm great call, I love this thread!

For those not familiar with Puigs fantastic figure these are a must watch



That last pic is gorgeous!

Those pants seem to be real, in the furst pic they show a bit of crease into the contour of the body. But yeah, holy smokes, that's tight!

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That's a bit rich coming from someone who obsessively posts almost identical photos of the same exact player over and over and over again.
Obsessive is in the eye of the beholder. And they're not the same set of photos over and over you'll note....