Guys only: best legs and other best female issues


It looks like someone, her manager or the people at FOX Sports who she's been doing commentary for, told her to wax her arms. Her famously furry forearms now look as smooth as a baby's bottom...:unsure:

Aga will be appearing on the Polish edition of Dancing with the Stars. The show starts this coming March....( I thought she had a foot problem..?:unsure: ) I'm not going to get excited, if history is any lesson all Tennis players suck on that show!

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Other pictures from Eli photo shoot (with a good amount of photoshop I suppose)
So much makeup and photoshopping so that her head barely belongs with her body. :rolleyes: Y'know, like those Barbie dolls where you can remove the head and put it on another body? The previous one she did for XXL was dolled up as well, but it wasn't as jarring.

What? You're saying you don't remember? :unsure: Let me refresh your memory then...