Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

I think Bengals posted his best post ever this Monday - latter part is HOOOOOTTTTT!
Sofya Zhuk also very sexy, the amazing Corinna, <3 Sherazad, Christine Sperling (?) and many others - yeah, this is the kind of page I want to see in this thread! :)
Naomi this summer in Tuscany



Reminds me (esp. that "Naomi-in-Tuscany" photo) . of the first night in Tuscany: ...lightning/thunder storm in the Tuscany mountains just outside Bagni di Lucca as a 2:00 a.m. "lullaby" was why Italy in general and the photo--above in particular--is (and has been):

. . I love you girlie with the blue racquet....and labia-niblet...