Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

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That girl's grill is such a mess. To each his own...


This gal is just too cute.

My unofficial and highly subjective hotness ranking as of July 18, 2012 (haven't got past the top 5 yet but working on it):

1. A. Hlavackova
2. A. Hlavackova
3. A. Hlavackova
4. A. Hlavackova
5. A. Hlavackova
Who's that in the first picture? She looks a little bit like me there! Also I've heard rumors that Y. Wikimeyer is a drug cheat????!!!!
The first pic is Petra Martic, one of the thread's new favorites (search on her name under "Search This Thread.").

As for Wicky, there was a lot of conflicting information, but it appears that it was much ado about nothing, and the investigation was dropped. (IIRC.)
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