Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

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is taht kournikova, cause damn!


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Yessir. Dementieva is WAY hot.

Nice rounded shoulders, absolutely spec-TAC-u-lar legs, gorgeous face, with the rest of the body to match. Verrrrrry lady-like, one of the few on tour who truly has those lady-like characteristics.

Keep 'em coming, Oscar. Glad to see you out of retirement.


Top three sports with hottest girls.

1. Watter polo(you just can't beat a sport where all of the girls in it get wet)
2. Beach volleyball(Do I really have to explain why this one beat out tennis?)
3. Tennis

Wrong! The top two out of your 3 are way off. Them polo girls can be pretty buff in a manly kind of way and the valley ball girls look dried up. Both of your top 2 are about as nubile as beef jerky. One is tough looking and the other dry.

1) College gymnastics
2) figure skating
3) Tennis
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