Haas vs. Roddick (spoiler)

Matt H.

well, not sure how this is a spoiler seeing as how 2% of the US population has the capability of watching this match...

just checked the atptennis website, and Haas took the first set i believe, 6-3.
Hopefully this is the comeback party for Tommy. He's a really talented player and if he's on his game, results like this are not a fluke.
Congrats to Tommy and good luck on a full comeback.He has alot of potential and alot of expereince.I see a return to top 10.Roddick didn't play that bad a match, but he was outplayed today.Roddick could have returned better and gone dtl more instead of inside out on his fh,been more aggressive on the bh side.He had decent success when he S&V, but that volley is suspect still.Roddick was getting very frustrated becuase he could no impose his will on Tommy,who like Federer has a complete game.
I saw the match. Haas played very well, but Roddick looked like he just gave up. Maybe he wasn't motivated since the prize money was only 51 thou. Anyway, congrats to Haas.
The things that Hawaii 5.0 pointed out are more all things that are typical of Roddick's game. I agree that Tommy's complete game is similar to Federer's and will give Roddick trouble in the future as well.
Roddick with an "average serve" would barely break into the top 30 in the world.

I dont think he gave up, he just wasn't bombing aces all day and actually had to play for his points. He isnt used to not having 30 free points on his serve.
Haas was playing out of his mind though...I watched the match on Tennis channel
Just finished watching it. Roddick got impatient, hit a lot of errors. Haas though was playing really well. That backhand is nice. And I serioulsy can't even count how many times he hit a first serve, got a sitter, and just put away the next forehand. He did it like double-digit times at least, it was insane. He also is insanely quick, he runs everything down. Haas should be doing well again now, he looked good out there today. Still a little rusty on some routine goundstrokes, but other wise looked really good.
I am so tired of posts where people say "Roddick with an "average serve" would barely break into the top 30 in the world." He has plenty of game besides his serve. And if Haas was playing out of his mind, then I think that he would beat a Roddick in straights that was a little off on Roddick's worst surface. Well anyway I didn't see the match, I would have liked to. Congrats to Haas, I think everyone agrees its great to have him back playing well.
Haas is 4-0 vs Roddick...Roddick has only taken 1 set in those meetings, and that was a TB on a hard court. This game is about match ups, and there is something about Haas' game that gives Andy trouble...
Lajollatnsplyr - Thank you for the tremendous compliment you paid Andy. I'm a big Roddick fan and to take his incredible serve away and think he would still be in the Top 30 is a real tribute. You might be right. Thank you.
Most of Tommy's matches last week were so nice to watch. He is very fit and gets to every ball. He was playing a great match inspite of the gusty winds blowing in the stadium. Roddick seemed tired and frustrated - remember he has played quite a lot in the last month. The very pro-andy crowd was won over by Tommy's spectacular play.

PCMD - you are right, Haas had so many forehand winners off Roddicks return of serve it was insane. It was great to watch.
I too watched the match, although I haven't seen the second half of the second set. Haas did the same thing in Houston that he did in Rome. He stood back by the linesman to receive serve, and for the most part, just blocked it back. Once the ball was in play, Haas was just too much for Roddick. Haas definetly has more of an all court game than Roddick.

There is a part of me that wants to say that Haas is just a better clay court player and as such, gave Roddick a lesson (now 3) on clay. But, Haas spent most of his life in Florida at the NB academy. How then does he qualify as a European dirtballer? No, I think it is deeper than that. Haas has more game than Roddick. I don't mean that as a slight to Roddick. That said, Roddick has to learn how to better alter his tactics. When things began to slide, and they did early, Roddick just kept hitting out. He did the same thing over and over. Never change a winning game, but always change a losing one.

It was nice seeing it on the Tennis Channel though. The commentators, Shiras and the other guy (sorry) didn't continually gush over Roddick. They called it fairly and gave Haas more than his share of kudos. I agree that Roddick wasn't up to his normal form, but I think Tommy Haas had a great deal to do with that.

Also, to add insult to injury for those who do not have the Tennis Channel, Time Warner carries INHD (IN High Definition). INHD broadcast the whole tournament, singles and doubles, in high definition. You could see the clay between the lines on TV. It was incredible. Monte Carlo is also going to be broadcast on HD I think.

For my friends up north, the Yankees/RedSox game was also broadcast in high def. Both of the events were spectacular on high def.

Matt H.

well, the NB academy DOES offer more than hardcourts. They do have clay courts to practice on. :wink:

i agree that he does have more "game" then Roddick (fastest serve is 136 too, not bad), but also maybe it's cuz he just likes clay. Some people love it, some just hate it.
Camlilio, I like Roddick as well and of coarse he has more then a serve. But fact is fact, he digs himself out of trouble all the time with the serve and for that matter wins MANY easy games but serving is fair for both sides so more power to him.
Although, I do believe when he improves his volleying and becomes a bit more patient on the groundies, he will be boarderline unbeatable. For now I still see him losing many baseline rallies.

Also, Tykrum, so many people say it because its true.
Actually, question for those of you who saw the match?

Did Roddick try to use kick serves, especially on the ad side, to take advange of Haas's positioning? He could really take him completely out of the court with a safe first serve kicker on the ad side, and I have no idea why he didn't do that.

Did he not try that?

Or was Haas able to also just float that back deep too, managed to get out wide enough to hit it?

Or was Roddick just unable to do it?
At first he was actually S&V with the kicker, really worked. He actually didn't seem to use the kicker out-wide much at all. Not very smart play from Roddick at all yesterday. Haas played a lot better. Hope he does well here in Monte Carlo.

And Rabbit, that sounds insane. Anyone know how much HD TV's cost? And I really wanna get some HD tennis, really sounds like it would make it a lot more fun to watch.
Roddick just couldn't do anything right. Haas had one of those days where everything was going his way. Even his shanks were going deep and falling in! This is the first time I saw Roddick break his PD. I was hoping Roddick would win though cuz he lives in Houston and all. Would've been cool.


The great ones are stubburn; Even when their game is off, they continue to go to it because of their belief in themselves. Maybe they'll lose a couple of matches because of that, but they are not afraid. In their minds they won't fail.

Michael Jordan

Tennis is evolving, the new flush of US players are bringing in ideas that are popular in our sports society. Concepts of physical training and heightened confidence despite the results will change the game.. and Roddick is just one example.


Too bad Roddick ran out of gas and couldn't give Haas his A-game. Roddick will have to solve the Haas problem some other day. Congrats to Tommy on an excellent comeback.
I particularly enjoyed Haas's excellent backhand. One rushed shot on the run AND off the back foot for a winner down the line in the second set remains vivid in memory.
@Tommy Haas, in that case i hope Tommy finishes with a better head to head than Mac against Lendl. From the 85 US final on Lendl kicked Mac's ass practiacally every time they met.


Free__Martha said:
My bad, Roddick didn't run out of gas, Haas just flat out beat him.
LOL. PCMD, quit impersonating me, you're starting to look utterly ridculous and pathetic.

Also, sorry to say, but Roddick did indeed run out of gas during that match but that doesn't take away from Tommy's deserved win.
Martha, seriously, what are you talking about? Does someone have a double screen name of you or something, and you think it's me? Cause its definately not me. I don't even know what you are talking about.
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