Half Dozen Game

A poster chooses a category and posts an item, the next poster copies and pastes into their post and adds one thing, and so on. The member who adds the sixth item chooses another category and posts the first item, and again we follow suit until half dozen (six) items are listed. Hope people will play! :)

Edited February 6, 2020:

Googling or looking up answers is not encouraged as it’s more fun when one is challenged. Two options allowed: If folks are stymied and a category can’t progress, we’ll allow any poster to propose the category be shelved and start a new one. BUT, one has to wait at least 6 hours from the last post. Alternatively, if someone’s curiosity is killing them and they enjoy learning, one can go find the answer but MUST POST THAT THEY DID SO.

Rock Bands of any Era:

1. Queen
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