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Missed it. Any good? Does hubbie, Dax, get much screen time in the film? He was friggin hilarious on the Parenthood series.
Was ok. Tied up some loose ends, but was a little more serious, darker. Lacked some of the light pizzaz of the series I thought. Worth a watch though. I don't remember Dax being in the movie, though candidly I only just found out he was her husband in the last year or so :-D


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6a. Nikita (2010)
6b. La Femme Nikita (1997)

These are both TV adaptations of the 1990 French film, La Femme Nikita. This film also quickly spawned 2 film remakes: Black Cat (Hong Kong, 1991) and Point of No Return (US, 1993 -- which featured Bridget Fonda).

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2. Raiders of the Lost Ark (anachronism)

Raiders used a modified RPG-2 clone which did not exist at the time of the film's setting:

The film used a Chinese Type 56 copy of the Soviet RPG-2 (rocket propelled grenade) mocked up to look like a WWII-era German anti-tank weapon. However, the film is it supposed to take place in the 1936 whereas the RPG-2 was not developed by the Soviets until the early 1950s