Hand pain after playing


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Yesterday, almost 2 hours after I finished serving and hitting some shots, the back of my hand started to ache at night. When I was serving and hitting rallies there was no pain at all and didn’t notice anything. The next day the aching was gone but now there is some pain with some very specific movements, but other than that it’s very limited. When I went through with my continental serve there is definitely some pain on the entirety of my back hand which isn’t too bad, but it definitely hampers my game. I don’t really feel anything with my forehand or backhand shots though. I’ve never really experienced something like this before on this scale and it’s pretty strange. What I played before too wasn’t that rigorous, I’ve played much longer and much harder beforehand and not experienced any issues. Any help would be much appreciated.
My experience with this sort of thing could be related to using computers and specifically laptops all day. Try using a carpal brace at night to keep your wrist level and take any pressure off your hand. Do some stretching of your wrist during the day holding stretches for some time. Certainly do it before and after you play. Should work itself out. If not, yes go see a Dr.

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Go see a Doc. (Medical or Chiropractic.)

It could be rooted in the size of your grip -- or any of about a dozen other things.